Friday, 31 July 2015



Trees look the same all year around.
because there is other seasons like when the the leaves are on and the
leaves are off and turn colours.

The seasons change the world around us
Because one is cold one is hot one is quite cold and growing leaves.

VOCABULARY - describe in your own words what these words mean:

  1. bonfire:flower growing in spring
  2. galaxy:green leaves grows in summer
  3. glows:Leaves grow next to the bushes.

Friday, 24 July 2015

My Mothers coat

The author’s mother taught them to sew
after many years the mother taught the author how to sew on his own.
The coat is brillian      

Many cook island people wear coats like the writer’s mother wore.
The cook island people women did not wear any coats.

VOCABULARY - describe in your own words what these words mean:

  1. extravagant When your coat is colourful.
  2. unique When you nit
  3. discarding When your coat is not yours
  4. effective Tickling in side
  5. awkward When thing are quite.
  6. unfazed Your light shines to other people eyes
  7. peering Looking out to other people
  8. slenderness belied their St
  9. belied Their long sleeves.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Holiday Poem

Holidays light and right but bright like the yellow sun
Tastes like salt and pepper on my morning eggs
It looks like grey when you go under the sea
It sounds like waves chasing you
It feels like smoothie milkshake chocolatey