Friday, 15 July 2016

Holiday Blogging Day 7

Activity 1

My cousin's Gary and Joedzy because they're both faster then me, when they come over we have relays for fun, and exercise. Gary is the fastest!

Activity 2

1. Do a meeting
2. Do a concert

Activity 3:
1. The name of my sport is Poison.
To begin you need a ball and a hoop. The minimum number of players is 5. First someone has to stand under the hoop, then you tell the first player in line to call out a number in order of bouncing, then you bounce the ball to each other when it reaches the number the person shoots for a goal! I hope this is specific enough for you to understand if not please leave a comment!

Rules: 1. No Stepping near the hoop. 2.  No Arguing/Moaning/Cheating! 3. Play FAIRLY!!!!


  1. Hi Setaita,

    Firstly, huge congratulations on finishing the Winter Learning Journey activities in just one week. WOW! That is amazing. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and will miss them over the next week. Hopefully, you will have time to hop online and post helpful, thoughtful and positive comments that will encourage your classmates and school mates to keep up with the journey. Each comment that you post is worth 3 points!

    Secondly, I really love your current post! I think that 'Poison' sounds like a very interesting game. I wonder how well it would work for people who have a physical disability. Do you think that they would be able to play the game if they were blind? It might be a bit difficult for them. What do you think?

    I will look forward to meeting you when I come into Glenbrae in Term III. I am planning to come in during your assembly to present the certificates and the prizes to our Top 3 bloggers. I'll see you then!

    Cheers, Rachel :)

  2. Thank you. How many point do I have, sorry just excited. I had fun with this blogging hopefully their will be more blogging . Thank you

  3. Hi Setaita!

    No need to apologise! I am so happy that you enjoyed the blogging. I really enjoyed blogging back with you. I am going to add up all the points on Saturday and then I will post the Top 3 bloggers from each school on the Winter Learning Journey site under the 'Participation + Awards' tab.



  4. Hi Setaita,

    Congrats on completing the Winter Learning Journey. Best of luck to you!

    And hey, I know Gary, the guy on the left in your picture - we used to have little talks with each other about stuff...and I like how you've chosen a concert for one of your fundraising ways - I can sort of imagine what it would be like...people donating during the concert, then they announce the result of it at the end of the concert, or something like that.

    Very nice!


    1. Thank you and yes Gary is my first cousin. Pretty much my family likes doing concerts.

      Thank you:)

  5. Speaking of Saturday witch saturday day is it sorry:)