Friday, 19 June 2015

A special time with my family.

A special time with my family.

Last year on sunday my family and I had a tangi.My Dad
decided to have the tangi at my house and we did.It was a
special day for togan week.My mum andI went went and get the meats from Mad
Butcher and then we came home.

When it was 2:00 t my Mum said to my dad to cook the tangi now then he digged a big huge hole.After a while they started putting foils in the big hole.Moment
later they started burning  a fire.When the fire was getting colossal my
dad went and get the roar meat and put it in and he covered it with a
plastic box.

we waited and waited till 5:00.While my mum was cooking cassava and I was
making a Crab meat for my family also my sisters were helping me.When the big hand hit 5:00 My Mum set up the table with all the and while my dad getting
all of the food out of the big hole.Then I got the crab meat.Then we
sat on the table and I done the grace.After that my cousins came.

When we were eating the hangi I asked my mum what was It called in
Tongan. She said it was a umu. I felt happy and excitement because
it is my favourite dinner. Also I learnt what a hangi is, it is when you
dig a big hole and put the food in to cook.It was so delicouse
and Yummy in my Tummy.  

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

This is my digital art that I made on sumo paint and I
used it with colours and some shapes.
I made a flower by using colours to .I hope you like 

Monday, 15 June 2015

THE Balloon Game.

Today, the fifth of June 2015,  Room 7 students went outside and had a fitness game  with a balloon. We all went outside to get started for  fitness so that we can write a recount about the experience.

The first students to play  the balloon game were the boys and then the girls. When the boys got started, they all got into a big circle and started playing. Meanwhile the girls went for a jog around the courts two times and then had a stretch to warm down.  When the boys game was over Mrs Raj called, “ Come on girls, it is time for our team.” We felt really nervous but really existed.

Later the girls held hands and stood in the circle. When the balloon went up in to the air we all ran in to keep the balloon up in the air. While the game was on, we were screaming and shouting to each other to not let the balloon touch the ground.

When we got to the next round of the game instructions were to make sure we were keeping the balloon up in the air.  

My friends and I were laughing and we had lots of fun.  It was an amazing morning for room 7. My team-mates
and I had a lot of fun and excitement .

Friday, 12 June 2015

This is My Reading Poster about Abel Tasman.

Dutch immigrants worked hard to buy houses.
Dutch immigrants work hard because they save money and work as hard to save money and keeping people safe and there dream was to live in a house and
build a house.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Dutch immigrants were good citizens in New Zealand.
They did not came to live at holland .

Dutch people didn’t want to leave Holland after the war.
they did not like to leave because holland is special to them and now
it a rich place.

Dutch immigrant were good citizens in new Zealand 
Disagree they did not come and live

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Long weekend

Yesterday On Tuesday the 2 June my little cousin constantine taimalie came to
my house for a sleepover.His mum was so busy doing finding a place  for his birthday.Then
my mum said to me to babysit my cousin so my mum goes shopping.

Meanwhile my mum left.After I saw my little cousin crawling around and I try to stop him but he keep on crawling. At last he was tired  and I feed him with his milk bottle
but he stayed awaked. After that we played tag but only crawling.

After a while he saw his favorite cartoon and he went in front of the television when he
was watching I went and did his lunch and then I feed him .Initially my mum came with
lots of shopping. Later when I turned around he was already sleeping. Well my mum

and I were laughing hard out.

My Mum and I felt like laughing hard out.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

our scavenger hunt

Hi My name is Setaita. My friends and I made a photo 
scavenger hunt. So sit back and relax and watch.If you want to go
on a Scavenger Hunt have a go.Also if you need help 
you can look at our and copy.Thank you
and have a good day. 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Anzac Cookies

step 1.wash your hands
step 2. get the ingredient out
step 3.pour in the flour but in the bowl
step 4.then we put the baking paper on the trays
step 5.mix the butter and the golden syrup and melt in
the microwave.
step 6.measure the dry ingredients
step 7.then you put in the hot water and baking powder  
step 8.then you pour in the butter and the golden syrup in the bowl.
step 9.then we mix the all of the ingredients together
step 10. wet your hands and  roll the dough into balls, place on the tray.
step 11. then you put in the oven so it could cook for 15 minutes, and then we ate it.

Then I taste the 30 cookies that room 7 made it was
so delicious. When Mrs Parker cooked it, it was easy