Monday, 15 June 2015

THE Balloon Game.

Today, the fifth of June 2015,  Room 7 students went outside and had a fitness game  with a balloon. We all went outside to get started for  fitness so that we can write a recount about the experience.

The first students to play  the balloon game were the boys and then the girls. When the boys got started, they all got into a big circle and started playing. Meanwhile the girls went for a jog around the courts two times and then had a stretch to warm down.  When the boys game was over Mrs Raj called, “ Come on girls, it is time for our team.” We felt really nervous but really existed.

Later the girls held hands and stood in the circle. When the balloon went up in to the air we all ran in to keep the balloon up in the air. While the game was on, we were screaming and shouting to each other to not let the balloon touch the ground.

When we got to the next round of the game instructions were to make sure we were keeping the balloon up in the air.  

My friends and I were laughing and we had lots of fun.  It was an amazing morning for room 7. My team-mates
and I had a lot of fun and excitement .

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