Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Science Intensive

WALT: Today We done science.

Today In our science intensive we learned to do a rocket. Step one. We got a bottle and get three pencil and tape and tape the pencils on the bottle on each side. Then we pour the vinegar in the bottle. Then we had an spoon and a towel and pour baking soda in it then we went out side to try all the ingredients in to the bottle then we shake it and put it upside down to make it explode. Then we were happy because it was working but some were sad because there rocket did not work but they did tried there best and to let you know we did put an rubber bang at the top to hold the vinegar ..

What happens

The baking soda reacted with the vinegar. The baking soda is a base, the vinegar is an acid. When they are combine, they react and carbon dioxide is released.

Here is a photo of the bottle so that you can see what i was explain



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