Monday, 5 September 2016

Financial Literacy

On 5 September we had Financial Literacy at glenbrae room 10 with Gregan and Raymond we were learning about  how to save money and spend money.

First we were meeting Gregan and Raymond. Then Raymond done some writing about saving money and how so we all answer to all the questions. After that we learned about how to spend money and take care. After that we learned about Income and Expenses. First we learned about it. After that we learned about aroha how she spend money a month. Then we circle the thing that she need to not bye. Then we learned to save money for christmas. We listed down a lot of thing we wanted to buy but we save.
We do lots of chores and the we get $10 dollars every week for doing chores. Then we finished and said” bye and Thank you”.

I felt happy because we learned a lot of saving money and carefully spending money.

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