Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Light - Science intensive

Here is my writing

Today room 10 and I went to room 9 for science intensive and to learn about Light.
We went to room 9 and sat on the mat. Then we first had an question what is light. We answered back Light is , power , has energy running through light and the most important thing is sun because it has more energy so that we can have light in our world.
After that Mrs K was telling that we have 3 activity that we can learn about light.

Our Activity

Our activity was laser mirror,  Magnified and finally crystal ball light. First I went to Laser mirror. So what you have to do is get a laser and try to bounce it to the other mirror. Next one is Magnified with a paper so what I have done is I put the Magnified  on the paper everything look normal then when I put it on the glass it look different. So the last one is crystal ball and light. We had an light and we light the light and then we got the crystal and light it on the crystal. It looked like a rainbow so that was the end and it was morning the time.

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  1. Hey Setaita,

    Great recount about the science Intensive. I like the way how you put on amazing details and how you explained how the rainbow is made.

    Keep it up Setaita!