Friday, 2 December 2016

Maori Words

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  1. Kia ora Setaita!

    I'm Mark, a teacher working for the Summer Learning Journey you signed up for. I was just checking on all the students that have signed up and came across this blog from you! I think it's really cool. I am learning Māori at the moment myself, and I am also a visual learner like you!

    I know there is lots of reading and writing in our programme, but there are also opportunities to draw and make poems, design logos, and some other really cool things towards the end.

    I hope you join us online soon!


  2. Hi Setaita,

    I hope that you have had a great start to 2017. I have been having the best time blogging with students who are part of the Summer Learning Journey programme. I must admit that I miss your blogs this holiday!

    If you have time, please do consider joining our learning journey. There are 60 fun activities to choose from, all related to the theme of 'Travel and Adventure.' Each activity is worth points and there are some cool prizes on offer for the top bloggers. Everyone who participates will also earn a certificate and a badge for their blog site.

    Please consider joining us!

    Rachel :)

  3. Malo Lelei Setaita,
    I really hope you consider joining the Summer Learning Journey Programme,It is so much fun and so Amazing!..


    1. Malo Lelei Anita and Setaita!

      Thanks for the awesome comment, Anita. We really are having fun with the Summer Learning Journey, aren't we?

      We still have 10 days left in the journey so there is lots of time to log and blog, if you want to join in, Setaita, but it is no problem if you're too busy!

      Cheers :)


  4. Amazing setaita is wonderful to see so many pitchers that describes your maori words

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