Tuesday, 8 December 2015


WALT: Write with figurative language
SC: Use adjectives and similes to describe a flavour

On Thursday 3rd of December 2015  we were given chocolate from Mrs parker which she received from the company Whittaker's, because she made a lovely tart including Whittaker's chocolates. It was very nice of the Whittaker's company. The flavour of the chocolate was Hokey pokey it was very delicious.

Before we had to eat the chocolate, we had to keep calm and wait. When I  got it  and i was holding the chocolate it felt soft warm and melty. Thank you Mrs parker for giving us chocolate.I was just so excited and couldn’t help it.  It tasted like crunchy biscuit melting on our tongues. It was very nice .

Now I would like to make my own chocolate with peanuts and more chocolate with blueberry filling.

P.E lesson

P.E Lesson

Did you know that on Tuesday 1 some of the Tamaki Students came to glenbrae school to teach us some sports P.E. It was fun.

While we were waiting for the class to come. After we were all there getting ready then we heard Mr welcoming his student . Then we got divided into group. The room7 girls made a group with some of the room9 boys then we were called to go with some students that our coach. Meanwhile we went up to the field. moments later we introduce ourselves in individual then our coach explain what we were going to play.

The first game we were playing was a warm up called octopus Fineasi and i was the taggers . Later the coaches said run everybody then we got lots of people in one game it was funny.

The next game was called touch we were separated in  groups to make it fair teams. So it started with 1 person and 1 person from the other side. Then it goes like rock paper scissor then it started with the first team that had the ball.
Just in 5 second we started. While Fineasi had the ball and he was running and finally he  made a score for his team. Our team was proud of him. While the game started again the coach had a run but luckily he was tagged from our team . Mean time again we saw Fineasi running and he scored again.

Then it was time to pack up and get ready to go and have a seat and get ready to go. While we said goodbye it was so fun and cool learning how to play  some sport . But the thing i was worried about was one of our coach said he was going to bye us chocolate.

Friday, 27 November 2015

what cause seasons

What cause seasons

Explanation writing

Seasons happens throughout the 3 months in every year including Autumn , winter, summer and spring.

In Autumn light orange leaves start falling down to the grass and flying around
In winter snow white flakes start falling in the sky also it cold and freezing

In summer sun is bright and hot sun is shining like it a crystal up in a sky

In spring when all the lovely flowers growing in the grass the flowers petal falls out and is give the due to the grass.

So these seasons are caused by the tilt of the earth and the way the sun’s But it’s mostly from the earth’s tilt and the way we  move around.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Star Dome

Star Dome

Did you know we went to Star Dome to learn about in the solar system on Thursday 12 November and the weather was so burning ,hot but we get to play in the sun. First Room 7 and Room 8 Firstly went into the space room .

At First we had lunch with the senior people and teachers before Room 7 and Room 8 go in. After a while we were waiting for the Girl who name vanessa.  When she came we firstly talked about how we are going to be respectful and helpful to each other .While we went into the space room to learn about planet in the solar system and how the Earth orbits the sun and planets . Guess what I learn I learn that blue stars that are in the solar system are hotter than the sun and the sun is a star and that the sun is the smallest sun in the solar system.

Moments later Vanessa said ‘ok guys we can go out and look at some of the amazing info about in the solar system’ while we were walking out and looking and the famous people who has went to moon in 40 years time. While but just time venessa called Room 7 and room 8 to come and that we can go in to the observer room to learn more about the space and that the the shining stars are a planet but at the end we watch a movie.

Then we had lunch just a moment we were eating lots of food and the we played at the park i went on octopus it was cool and my most favourite. but i liked learning about planet thank you

Beneath the clouds of venus

Beneath the clouds of Venus by John O’Brien
SJ P.2 N.1 1993

WALT: Use a graphic organiser to organise information from a text
WALT: identify adjectives in noun phrases.

Learning about the planets
Fact (Non-Fiction)
The clouds were covering venus.

  1. There are no life on Venus or Single because Venus is empty, there are no lake, oceans or neither a swamps.
  2. And the rain that falls into Venus there is burning acid, not clear, cool water. Venus is bare windswept planet and covers in sand.
Swamps under the clouds of venus.
  1. There are floating island on that island there are ocean and a wave as high as a mountains.
  2. And there are endless ocean beneath the cloud in Venus.
Locate some noun phrases and underline the adjective.
eg. there were enormous trees
     the fluorescent clouds
Find 5 more examples
There were endless oceans
Floating islands
There were huge swamps
there were firing venus

in 30 years our phones will be like messaging some. It will look like funky looking. you can communicate some in the 30 year further. Call someone. The screen is greyish brown looking and funny. contact someone like speaking from another place or country i think. The shape I think is square shape looking . long looking phones like landline.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Finding china

Today I wrote about finding china and it is about a girl who went to school and she travels places and left her parents at home around dunedin.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

A day with my buddy

Did you know one day Autumn and I went to sylvia park to get some Ice cream
and do some shopping also buy Dinner. We ask Mum if we can go she said ‘yes’ but only with her so we went in a car.We decided to go on Tuesday (Last year). It was a hot day and we were running out of food and Autumn was leaving back to Tonga.

Finally Mum drove Autumn and I to sylvia park Mum gave Autumn and I 5$ each. I said ‘oh look the Ice cream place should we go there because it's hot outside. Autumn look outside she said ‘yes’. Mum said  ‘I will go and do the shopping and you darlings go do your thing. When we went we saw lots of flavours that we want to pick but we did not had much money It was 3$ each we wanted to get  3 favourites. I said ‘ we have to get one ‘. Autumn said ‘ you are right. Autumn Ice cream was cookie cream and i had chocolate Ice cream then we gave our money to the lady named Bella she said ‘Thank you’ Autumn said ‘this is the best time ever with my best friend’. While Mum came with some shopping like milk and some bread.

Moments later Mum said we should go and get some Dinner Autumn said ‘yes we should go to’. We went to a place called cheap meat shop to buy chicken, pork bones,steak and sausages for our dinner.   Then Mum payed for it and while mum was paying for it me and Autumn went to the field that near the shops and started play relays. Later Mum said you guys come on so we had to ran up a hill to get to mum then Autumn won because I always win but now we have a winner.

When Autumn and I got home there was a party at home because she have been helping me and my sisters. She was so happy and that again she was happy because  we went to help her with everything we have done for her. we and my family was so happy. Today I felt happy and exciting while I made a speech and said ‘ me and Autumn had the best day ever and that she is the coolest friend in the whole world.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My refelction

I want to reach my goal because I want to be smart on my subjects at school and then go to university and doing some assignments about how to be a doctor and to make kids be healthy. I would like to study hard at university. I want to study about
how to be a doctor when I finish my I want study hard about being a doctor. This is what i want to be after school .

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Kiwi kids news

How does your stomach rumble?

  1. It just does sometimes
  2. When you get hungry it just rumbles
  3. It is these pockets of gas and air that make the sound of your stomach growling
  4. when your stomach is empty it rumbles

When does your stomach Rumbles?

  1. when you’re Tired
  2. WHen you are digesting food
  3. When you are hungry
  4. WHen you play sports

What happens after you eat?

  1. You're still hungry
  2. Your stomach just rumbles on it own
  3. your digestive system needs want you to Eat
  4. Your stomach sends signals to your brain to get your digestive system working

Monday, 19 October 2015

In my Holidays

In the Holidays.

Did you know that in the Holidays I went to Glen Innes pools. My sisters and I went to the pools because was so hot outside and I was sweating like a panting dog.

Firstly we had to find our swimming togs before we walked to the pools. My sisters  found their swimming togs and so did I. I started putting my tog on and waited for my sisters to quickly put there togs on. While I was waiting I ran up to the shops with towel wrapped around me and bought my sisters a water bottle to drink.

After that we put our shoes on and started walking.  We finally got to the pools. When the door opened it smelt like sea water.  It was free for my sisters and I to swim.  We went to the pool on the left and it was warm and perfect. I did flips and swam like a mermaid. It was so cool and awesome.

As I was swimming I swallowed the the water and it taste like yuky old water.  I was choking and got out of the pool. I was sad because
I did not get to go back into the pools and have a nice swim, but I was Happy because I went to the pools with my family.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Busy day

Yesterday I did not get to blog because i was so busy. Yesterday we were cleaning our house and looking for our swimming togs so that we can go and have a nice swim. At 12 pm  we started to get ready and and go to glen innes pools. Well we were waiting i ran up to the shops and buy some water bottles and ice creams. Mean while i got back and from the shops and everybody was ready so we walk down to the pools. While we got to the pools when we got in the pools my eyes poped and my noise started sniffing it smell like the ocean in the pool. The lady said we can go in for free we were so happy and exploded that we can not pay. When we got in the pools i jump in the pools and got my sisters wet. Later we saw a lots of people coming in then me and my sister Victoria decided to do splits under water. We saw the time it was 3pm we started going.

At 4 pm Mum book the valentines in Manukau so that we could go out and have Dinner. We had a shower and started getting ready. We had to leave by 6.30. When we got there the man gave me a jellybean to eat i said ' Thank you'. We walked in There was a lady  showed our table mum said   'Thank you' . Then we saw people getting food so we went and get food to i was so yum. At last I told mum if i can have dessert she said 'yes' on top of my lungs i shouted and said 'yas'. I got only kiwi fruit , orange and raspberry jelly it was nice. just before we left we saw our plates and i went to take it to lady to put it in the kitchen and before we left the man gave me other jellybean for helping I said 'your welcome'. So we left and i was happy.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Monday, 5 October 2015

My 3 films I like

My films I like is:

1. Zombies Apocalypse that Mrs Parker made in her film club

2. The Haunted Mansion
3. The Incredibles

Sunday, 4 October 2015

My 4 books I like

My books  I like:

1. EJ 12 girl hero (Ciao EJ)

2. The  secret puppy by Holly webb

3. News paper in Tonga

4. Last one  is Ej12 girl hero (the race)

Saturday, 3 October 2015

My foods I like

My 5 foods  I like is:

1. My food I like is Butter chicken

2. My food I like is chicken curry with rice

3. My food I like is fried rice

4. My food I like is crab meat

5. My food I like is potato salad

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