Thursday, 22 October 2015

A day with my buddy

Did you know one day Autumn and I went to sylvia park to get some Ice cream
and do some shopping also buy Dinner. We ask Mum if we can go she said ‘yes’ but only with her so we went in a car.We decided to go on Tuesday (Last year). It was a hot day and we were running out of food and Autumn was leaving back to Tonga.

Finally Mum drove Autumn and I to sylvia park Mum gave Autumn and I 5$ each. I said ‘oh look the Ice cream place should we go there because it's hot outside. Autumn look outside she said ‘yes’. Mum said  ‘I will go and do the shopping and you darlings go do your thing. When we went we saw lots of flavours that we want to pick but we did not had much money It was 3$ each we wanted to get  3 favourites. I said ‘ we have to get one ‘. Autumn said ‘ you are right. Autumn Ice cream was cookie cream and i had chocolate Ice cream then we gave our money to the lady named Bella she said ‘Thank you’ Autumn said ‘this is the best time ever with my best friend’. While Mum came with some shopping like milk and some bread.

Moments later Mum said we should go and get some Dinner Autumn said ‘yes we should go to’. We went to a place called cheap meat shop to buy chicken, pork bones,steak and sausages for our dinner.   Then Mum payed for it and while mum was paying for it me and Autumn went to the field that near the shops and started play relays. Later Mum said you guys come on so we had to ran up a hill to get to mum then Autumn won because I always win but now we have a winner.

When Autumn and I got home there was a party at home because she have been helping me and my sisters. She was so happy and that again she was happy because  we went to help her with everything we have done for her. we and my family was so happy. Today I felt happy and exciting while I made a speech and said ‘ me and Autumn had the best day ever and that she is the coolest friend in the whole world.

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