Monday, 19 October 2015

In my Holidays

In the Holidays.

Did you know that in the Holidays I went to Glen Innes pools. My sisters and I went to the pools because was so hot outside and I was sweating like a panting dog.

Firstly we had to find our swimming togs before we walked to the pools. My sisters  found their swimming togs and so did I. I started putting my tog on and waited for my sisters to quickly put there togs on. While I was waiting I ran up to the shops with towel wrapped around me and bought my sisters a water bottle to drink.

After that we put our shoes on and started walking.  We finally got to the pools. When the door opened it smelt like sea water.  It was free for my sisters and I to swim.  We went to the pool on the left and it was warm and perfect. I did flips and swam like a mermaid. It was so cool and awesome.

As I was swimming I swallowed the the water and it taste like yuky old water.  I was choking and got out of the pool. I was sad because
I did not get to go back into the pools and have a nice swim, but I was Happy because I went to the pools with my family.


  1. Hi Setaita I love your blog are about in the holidays at you and your family went to the pools of are swim. are good hoilday