Thursday, 8 October 2015

Busy day

Yesterday I did not get to blog because i was so busy. Yesterday we were cleaning our house and looking for our swimming togs so that we can go and have a nice swim. At 12 pm  we started to get ready and and go to glen innes pools. Well we were waiting i ran up to the shops and buy some water bottles and ice creams. Mean while i got back and from the shops and everybody was ready so we walk down to the pools. While we got to the pools when we got in the pools my eyes poped and my noise started sniffing it smell like the ocean in the pool. The lady said we can go in for free we were so happy and exploded that we can not pay. When we got in the pools i jump in the pools and got my sisters wet. Later we saw a lots of people coming in then me and my sister Victoria decided to do splits under water. We saw the time it was 3pm we started going.

At 4 pm Mum book the valentines in Manukau so that we could go out and have Dinner. We had a shower and started getting ready. We had to leave by 6.30. When we got there the man gave me a jellybean to eat i said ' Thank you'. We walked in There was a lady  showed our table mum said   'Thank you' . Then we saw people getting food so we went and get food to i was so yum. At last I told mum if i can have dessert she said 'yes' on top of my lungs i shouted and said 'yas'. I got only kiwi fruit , orange and raspberry jelly it was nice. just before we left we saw our plates and i went to take it to lady to put it in the kitchen and before we left the man gave me other jellybean for helping I said 'your welcome'. So we left and i was happy.

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