Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My fears

My  8 fears are:

1.I am scard of the darkness

2.I am scard of snacks

3. I am scard that i mighr get kidnaped

4. I am scard of spiders and webs

5. I am scard of zobies

6. I am scard of hights

7. I am scard of things that killing

8. I am scard of bees

Tonga vs Nambia

 This morning I wachted Tonga vs nambia. It was cool. I took photos of it. Then at the end Tonga won and we were happy for the Tonga team. We went for tonga because my mum and dads best friend is the tonga capitan. The goals are here namibia had 21 and Tonga 35.☺ 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The big lake

 On sunday we went to a place that had a big Lake near stone fields. On our way walking we decided to take photos with my aunty before she goes back to tonga. We had fun. At the bottom it has a brige were we walk on it.

My loves

My 9  loves is:

1.I love my family

2. I love being in room7

3.I love cooking

3.I love helping enyone clean

4.I love musics with beats

5.I love washing the clothing

6. I love eating cheese cake

7. I love wathing animal plants

8. I love swimming

9. I love having fitness with room7

Monday, 28 September 2015

At home

This is my  sister  Danielle and me and we are board staying home. we are in the sitting room siting and helping my sister read.

My 10 secrets

My 10 secrets is:

1. I like colour Blue and green

2.I like kids cartoon like Dora the explorer.

3.I like bowling

4.I like eating bread with ice-cream

5. I like mixed curry and butter chicken

6. I am good at playing the piano

7. I like going to rainbows end.

8. I hate walking throw the walk ways.

9. I like Chocolate cake with cream

and last and only 

10. I am ticklish

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross Country Preparation

Today we had fitness to prepare for cross country. Outside was windy and frosty. Mrs Parker said "Everybody get ready to get stretching". First our stretch was stretching our legs, after that we stretch our arms. As we stretch our hips, Mrs Parker Shouted "Come on lets go 2 laps around the field". Later we saw Room 10 beating us while we were running. So we decided to run as fast as we could. We were all puffing tiredly and we were sore. Moments later Mrs Raj said "lets get to class and start to learn", but we had clean our shoe because they had a lot of mud on it from the field.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Sumo paint

Today I have created a flower in the dark with stars on sumo paint. What I like is my flower I have made in the middle. The stars I created in the sky are beautiful..

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Do you brush your teeth

Do you brush your teeth well burshing your teeth is imortant because  your teeth is using for eating and it will rot if you dont brush you teeth. Glenbrae school had an homeschool partna ship. There was an lady name Dazy and she came to school because she wanted to show us all about brushing our teeth and why. Burshing our teeth makes it shine and refreshing . But not brushing our teeth makes it  black,brownish and smelly so always brush your teeth. Make sure you brush you teeth.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Glenbrae is the best

Glenbrae is the best because we have the most teachers that are brainy and smart , greatest  teacher that are good at cooking and we get healthy food from the hall kitchen and Glenbrae students are most the the most helpful kids ever  and we help other people if they are stuck with their learning.

Teachers are the best because they make us learn fast, finish fast
and make us get smart. When one of the students are sad they make them happy. They are brainy because they know every answer for every question.

Glenbrae has the most healthy food to eat. It is so delicious
and to our teacher that cooks is so cool and makes our lunch so flavourful and nice.  

Glenbrae has the most helpful students and when people are stuck we help people with there work. We are called helpful learners
at Glenbrae school no matter what it is, just help people with their learning.

Glenbrae is the best because we have the most brainy teachers ever  and they make us learn lots. We have lots of healthy food and we have helpful learners that are smart and never give up.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

At the mall

It was a raining day.My friends and I were
going to the mall.We saw a warehouse
shopping center.we went in the warehouse
and saw the woman's place. Meanwhile we stop and had a look at the clothing we saw an t shirt that had an cat face it was so pretty.It was 10$ and one of my friends shouted “we have 50$ left”. Then a villain came he had a black short hair but frizzy
brown contact eyes and he was the same hight as me.His name is Hailey.Hailey said “if he can have 20$ please”.We said no meanwhile he whispered to us and said “if you don’t give me the 20$ I might have to blame on something that you stoll.

After that  Sharon said “ just for a minutes we need to talk about it please” Sharon has green contact eyes white hair but curly. .Haliye said “ok but please hurry up. Moments later pipi my second friend  said “ok we have sort this out” just for 1 second they ran away then Hailey said “ come back “. While a man name  jack came and said “what are you doing ” Hailey said “ i'm  getting the kids me my  20$ . Then jack don't be a bullie you need to be good man the Haily said
ok then To be contiued ......  

When I grow up

In weka group we made a slideshow and a video breaking news adout how cory was stuck up in the tree. About this when I grow up it was about when a boy name cory got bullied by other boy name steve and that cory was scard and ran to a tree and was stuck. Also it was film by setaita. Hope you like it