Friday, 4 September 2015

Glenbrae is the best

Glenbrae is the best because we have the most teachers that are brainy and smart , greatest  teacher that are good at cooking and we get healthy food from the hall kitchen and Glenbrae students are most the the most helpful kids ever  and we help other people if they are stuck with their learning.

Teachers are the best because they make us learn fast, finish fast
and make us get smart. When one of the students are sad they make them happy. They are brainy because they know every answer for every question.

Glenbrae has the most healthy food to eat. It is so delicious
and to our teacher that cooks is so cool and makes our lunch so flavourful and nice.  

Glenbrae has the most helpful students and when people are stuck we help people with there work. We are called helpful learners
at Glenbrae school no matter what it is, just help people with their learning.

Glenbrae is the best because we have the most brainy teachers ever  and they make us learn lots. We have lots of healthy food and we have helpful learners that are smart and never give up.

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