Tuesday, 1 September 2015

At the mall

It was a raining day.My friends and I were
going to the mall.We saw a warehouse
shopping center.we went in the warehouse
and saw the woman's place. Meanwhile we stop and had a look at the clothing we saw an t shirt that had an cat face it was so pretty.It was 10$ and one of my friends shouted “we have 50$ left”. Then a villain came he had a black short hair but frizzy
brown contact eyes and he was the same hight as me.His name is Hailey.Hailey said “if he can have 20$ please”.We said no meanwhile he whispered to us and said “if you don’t give me the 20$ I might have to blame on something that you stoll.

After that  Sharon said “ just for a minutes we need to talk about it please” Sharon has green contact eyes white hair but curly. .Haliye said “ok but please hurry up. Moments later pipi my second friend  said “ok we have sort this out” just for 1 second they ran away then Hailey said “ come back “. While a man name  jack came and said “what are you doing ” Hailey said “ i'm  getting the kids me my  20$ . Then jack don't be a bullie you need to be good man the Haily said
ok then To be contiued ......  

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  1. This is a nice story Setaita, you have used some great specific vocabulary. Just remember to get a friend or me to proof read it for you.

    Mrs Parker