Friday, 29 May 2015

My reading task

  1. What is a verse?
  2. In verses 2-4 how does the poem make you feel
    1. shoked
  3. In verses 6-8 how does the poem make you feel?  
  4. a.    a little sad
  5. Why do you think Grandpa decided NOT to tell his grandson the first things that came into his memory? Explain whether you think this was a good or bad idea.
    1. may be he was too scared to tell his grandson because may be something might happen.
  6. Make a timeline for each verse of the poem to show how grandpa is feeling. Add an image for each verse also. The first one has been done for you

Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3
Verse 4
Verse 5
Man With Lower Back Pain Cartoon Clip Art.jpg

Verse 6
Verse 7
Verse 8
Verse 9

Monday, 18 May 2015

My Positive Digital Footprint

In ten years time Mrs Raj and Mrs Parker will see a positive digital footprint I have created for my
self.They will be proud of me I will be proud to.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Anzac Button

  1. Why do you think the jacket and buttons were left in the cupboard for a year at a time? Explain your answer with as much detail as was waiting for to be used for the other anzac day
  2. Key Vocabulary find and complete these words from the text. Then write the definition (meaning) of each word in your own words (do NOT copy straight from the dictionary)

  1. khaki: is a brown green jacket
  2. pride: they were proud
  3. dodged:  avoid someone
  4. battlefield: all of the soldiers sometimes fight
  5. trench : soldiers always hide so they don't get shoot.
  6. mildew:  Mildew is like something that make it rotten
  7. pre-dawn : Pre-dawn is the night
  8. wail: wail is a high pitched cry of pain
  9. bugle:  the soldiers  blow the bugle to know what happening.
  10. regimen :  regiment a group of soldiers
  11. rummaged: Rummage is an unsystematic and untidy search
  12. gleamed:  gleamed is a shine or clean and sparkly effect

3. Create a time line to show how the button felt throughout the story.

During the war
give it away
take it off

Anzac biscite

 Screenshot 2015-04-30 at 11.17.47.png

step 1.wash your hands
step 2. get the ingredient out
step 3. pour in the flour but in the bowl
step 4.then we put the baking paper on the trays
step 5.mix the butter and the golden syrup and melt in
the microwave.
step 6.measure the dry ingredients
step 7.then you put in the hot water and baking powder  
step 8.then you pour in the butter and the golden syrup in the bowl.
step 9.then we mix the all of the ingredients together
step 10. wet your hands and  roll the dough into balls, place on the tray.
step 11. then you put in the oven so it could cook for 15 minutes, and then we ate it.

Then I taste the 30 cookies that room 7 made it was
so delicious. When Mrs Parker cooked it, it was easy pezzy

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Basketball recount.

Basketball recount.

Today Room 7 went to the sport court and play Basketball with our
coach named Chanel. She told us how to play games she showed room 7 how to play a game called dribble tag with our partner when we play with our partner first one of your friend get the ball and the other person tries to walk as fast to go and walk away from the friend.But if your friend get you they do 1 star jump and then they are in.Then we played octopus you could of come and you should've come. When we played octopus 5 or 7 people dribbles a ball and tries to get a kid by tapping  them on the shoulder and then they become a seaweed.

We went to learn how to learn basketball so we can know how to do some skills about dribbling, and where you are running to.