Thursday, 7 May 2015

Basketball recount.

Basketball recount.

Today Room 7 went to the sport court and play Basketball with our
coach named Chanel. She told us how to play games she showed room 7 how to play a game called dribble tag with our partner when we play with our partner first one of your friend get the ball and the other person tries to walk as fast to go and walk away from the friend.But if your friend get you they do 1 star jump and then they are in.Then we played octopus you could of come and you should've come. When we played octopus 5 or 7 people dribbles a ball and tries to get a kid by tapping  them on the shoulder and then they become a seaweed.

We went to learn how to learn basketball so we can know how to do some skills about dribbling, and where you are running to.

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