Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Star Dome

Star Dome

Did you know we went to Star Dome to learn about in the solar system on Thursday 12 November and the weather was so burning ,hot but we get to play in the sun. First Room 7 and Room 8 Firstly went into the space room .

At First we had lunch with the senior people and teachers before Room 7 and Room 8 go in. After a while we were waiting for the Girl who name vanessa.  When she came we firstly talked about how we are going to be respectful and helpful to each other .While we went into the space room to learn about planet in the solar system and how the Earth orbits the sun and planets . Guess what I learn I learn that blue stars that are in the solar system are hotter than the sun and the sun is a star and that the sun is the smallest sun in the solar system.

Moments later Vanessa said ‘ok guys we can go out and look at some of the amazing info about in the solar system’ while we were walking out and looking and the famous people who has went to moon in 40 years time. While but just time venessa called Room 7 and room 8 to come and that we can go in to the observer room to learn more about the space and that the the shining stars are a planet but at the end we watch a movie.

Then we had lunch just a moment we were eating lots of food and the we played at the park i went on octopus it was cool and my most favourite. but i liked learning about planet thank you

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