Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Beneath the clouds of venus

Beneath the clouds of Venus by John O’Brien
SJ P.2 N.1 1993

WALT: Use a graphic organiser to organise information from a text
WALT: identify adjectives in noun phrases.

Learning about the planets
Fact (Non-Fiction)
The clouds were covering venus.

  1. There are no life on Venus or Single because Venus is empty, there are no lake, oceans or neither a swamps.
  2. And the rain that falls into Venus there is burning acid, not clear, cool water. Venus is bare windswept planet and covers in sand.
Swamps under the clouds of venus.
  1. There are floating island on that island there are ocean and a wave as high as a mountains.
  2. And there are endless ocean beneath the cloud in Venus.
Locate some noun phrases and underline the adjective.
eg. there were enormous trees
     the fluorescent clouds
Find 5 more examples
There were endless oceans
Floating islands
There were huge swamps
there were firing venus

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