Tuesday, 8 December 2015

P.E lesson

P.E Lesson

Did you know that on Tuesday 1 some of the Tamaki Students came to glenbrae school to teach us some sports P.E. It was fun.

While we were waiting for the class to come. After we were all there getting ready then we heard Mr welcoming his student . Then we got divided into group. The room7 girls made a group with some of the room9 boys then we were called to go with some students that our coach. Meanwhile we went up to the field. moments later we introduce ourselves in individual then our coach explain what we were going to play.

The first game we were playing was a warm up called octopus Fineasi and i was the taggers . Later the coaches said run everybody then we got lots of people in one game it was funny.

The next game was called touch we were separated in  groups to make it fair teams. So it started with 1 person and 1 person from the other side. Then it goes like rock paper scissor then it started with the first team that had the ball.
Just in 5 second we started. While Fineasi had the ball and he was running and finally he  made a score for his team. Our team was proud of him. While the game started again the coach had a run but luckily he was tagged from our team . Mean time again we saw Fineasi running and he scored again.

Then it was time to pack up and get ready to go and have a seat and get ready to go. While we said goodbye it was so fun and cool learning how to play  some sport . But the thing i was worried about was one of our coach said he was going to bye us chocolate.

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