Thursday, 4 June 2015

Anzac Cookies

step 1.wash your hands
step 2. get the ingredient out
step 3.pour in the flour but in the bowl
step 4.then we put the baking paper on the trays
step 5.mix the butter and the golden syrup and melt in
the microwave.
step 6.measure the dry ingredients
step 7.then you put in the hot water and baking powder  
step 8.then you pour in the butter and the golden syrup in the bowl.
step 9.then we mix the all of the ingredients together
step 10. wet your hands and  roll the dough into balls, place on the tray.
step 11. then you put in the oven so it could cook for 15 minutes, and then we ate it.

Then I taste the 30 cookies that room 7 made it was
so delicious. When Mrs Parker cooked it, it was easy


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