Friday, 19 June 2015

A special time with my family.

A special time with my family.

Last year on sunday my family and I had a tangi.My Dad
decided to have the tangi at my house and we did.It was a
special day for togan week.My mum andI went went and get the meats from Mad
Butcher and then we came home.

When it was 2:00 t my Mum said to my dad to cook the tangi now then he digged a big huge hole.After a while they started putting foils in the big hole.Moment
later they started burning  a fire.When the fire was getting colossal my
dad went and get the roar meat and put it in and he covered it with a
plastic box.

we waited and waited till 5:00.While my mum was cooking cassava and I was
making a Crab meat for my family also my sisters were helping me.When the big hand hit 5:00 My Mum set up the table with all the and while my dad getting
all of the food out of the big hole.Then I got the crab meat.Then we
sat on the table and I done the grace.After that my cousins came.

When we were eating the hangi I asked my mum what was It called in
Tongan. She said it was a umu. I felt happy and excitement because
it is my favourite dinner. Also I learnt what a hangi is, it is when you
dig a big hole and put the food in to cook.It was so delicouse
and Yummy in my Tummy.  

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