Thursday, 11 June 2015

Long weekend

Yesterday On Tuesday the 2 June my little cousin constantine taimalie came to
my house for a sleepover.His mum was so busy doing finding a place  for his birthday.Then
my mum said to me to babysit my cousin so my mum goes shopping.

Meanwhile my mum left.After I saw my little cousin crawling around and I try to stop him but he keep on crawling. At last he was tired  and I feed him with his milk bottle
but he stayed awaked. After that we played tag but only crawling.

After a while he saw his favorite cartoon and he went in front of the television when he
was watching I went and did his lunch and then I feed him .Initially my mum came with
lots of shopping. Later when I turned around he was already sleeping. Well my mum

and I were laughing hard out.

My Mum and I felt like laughing hard out.

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