Thursday, 28 July 2016


In my Holidays

In my holiday I went to Chipmunks to celebrate by cousin 2nd birthday. First thing we woke up in the morning I woke up and clean had breakfast then clean and then done my blogging. After That mum came from work and picked us up and we left to chipmunks. Our family was waiting for us so that we can celebrate.

My First playground was the big slide. I was climbing to the top and then look down i was scared. Then I got to the top then I slide down i had the stage fright. Then I went to the Baby’s area to play with the Birthday boy. He loved playing with the ball. Then he pulled him and we went to the slide. He had fun. Then I went to buy a drink for me because I was so firsty.

While I heard an big” HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Birthday boy AND PLEASE CAN WE MOVE TO ROOM 3 FOR THE BIRTHDAY THANK YOU”. So then we went moving into room 3. Then everything was set for the birthday. Then the cake came walking in he was so impressed. Then we sang happy birthday he was singing to. Then we had hot fish and chip. It was nice. Then after that we went to play. My family and i most spent our time there. My favourite part of the day was spending my time with the birthday boy. I was so happy.

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