Monday, 11 July 2016

Holiday blogging day 3

Activity 1
1. beach volley
2. play on the sand and try to hit the ball to the ground
3. The net has to be at 2.43 m  high as a tall man each players can touch the ball upto 3 times.

Activity 2
Here is me with the foot ball.

Activity 3
My poem

When I'm going to travel to Rio ill be happy
Ill be clapping
when i get there I will not be unhappy as long as I am happy


  1. Hi Setaita!

    What a great picture that you have posted of yourself posing with the football. I love it. It really made me smile :)

    I also smiled a lot when I read your poem. It sounds like you would be happy to travel to Rio. That's wonderful! It certainly would be a huge adventure.

    If you had the chance to go to Rio to watch the Olympics, what are two sports that you would go to see? I would choose gymnastics and beach volleyball. I actually love beach volleyball. I used to play a bit when I was younger and my sister still plays pretty regularly. She is much better than I am because she's a lot taller so she can reach up and over the net!

    Which sports would you choose?

    Keep up the great work, Setaita. I am so impressed that you have already completed five full days of activities. Wow!

    Rachel :)

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