Saturday, 23 July 2016

Rainbow's End

Today my family and I went to Rainbow's End to celebrate my cousins 2nd Birthday. We have been counting down the days and were very excited when we woke up this morning.  Although the weather was not looking to good that did not stop us as we got ready.  When we arrived we thought we would be the only ones there to our surprise there was a lot of people regardless of the weather.  Upon our arrival my mum brought our tickets and as we entered the check out operator put our wrist bands on.

Our first ride was the FEAR FALL It was so cool and scary. Once we got to the very top I was scared because and then it dropped down really fast and it felt like I left my stomach at the top and it was like we were in space. Luckily we had already made it back to the ground. As we unbuckled we started laughing at how scary it was.

Our second ride was the Pirate Ship. We went and hopped on it was cool first we had to listen to the rules. Then we felt the ship moving I was excited then it went higher and higher, faster and faster.  I was starting to get scared as I was looking around.  I could hear my cousins laughing because they enjoyed the Pirate Ship.

Our third ride was then we went to the roller coaster we waited in line. We all got on and couldn't wait for it to start as this was the ride we were all dying to go on.  We felt the roller coaster moving we put our  hands up the we went up side down I was screaming. My sister Victoria wasn't happy because she was scared and she hit her ears on the side but I was happy and wanted to line up again for another turn.

We spent most of our day at Rainbow's end.  We went on most of the rides and towards the end of the day I was no longer scared but use to it.  This was our first time at Rainbow's end and I know it won't be our last but I cant wait until we are able to go back.

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