Friday, 11 March 2016

Reading respond journal

Reading Response Journal

Student’s Name:Setaita      Date:10/02/16

Title: Silent Reading

Author:David hill.
1. What did you read about today?
When a girl went saturday to the library to help her mum clear out the kids

2. How did you feel about what you read today? Why?
I felt annoyed because the girl alway has to clear the kids and that the kids fight in the library

3. Think about your favorite character. What happened to your favorite character today?
My favourite character was the little girl .My favourite characters has been taking care of little kids and always are naughty.

4. How would you feel if the same thing that happened to your character, happened to you?
I will feel ashamed cause i don't like kids that a noise .

5. Do you have any questions about what you read? If so, write them down.Why will the daughter clear out the mum and that she always does prank.

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