Friday, 1 April 2016

Ripper Rugby

Ripper Rugby

On Thursday the 31 we room 10 went up to the field to play some ripper rugby. When we went up we saw Coach Matt waiting for the next class that's room 10. After that we got into groups. For our groups we put on belts and coloured tag only white and yellow.

After we had a game called bull rush. When I was running I realised that while running I realised that we have safe. After that we went and done some ball passes in the same groups.

After that we played the real ripper rugby in our teams.While we were playing team white was losing the coach matt joined our team we got one score because he was a good  player.Then we finished the team that won was the yellow.While we all gathered up and we said Thank you coach Matt. When we were in class I felt tired because we ran all around the school.

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