Monday, 4 April 2016

Story map

Creating a story map is a way to help you understand and summarize the stories you read.  When you make a story map, you identify the basic story elements, such as the characters, setting, conflict, and important plot events.
Story Map
Title:Mei Ling and the giant
Author: Jane thomson
Characters:Mei ling the giant papa
Setting: Home forest garden cave
Conflict :Mei ling dot held from a giant
The giant was using the belt because of the wolfs

Meiling was in the garden after that she slept and then woke up she got held my a big giant

The giant took her in the forest and held her in a tree
There was wolf she was scared after that the giant took her somewhere to a cave then she jump of and went to her papa she was scared.


  1. Hi Setaita
    I really enjoyed your hard work on your Story Map and I hope you keep up the hard work.I found your piece of work very interesting and wonderful.

    Keep up the good work Setaita!!!